Rutger van Drongelen 16-6-2017 11:18
Categorieën: Executive Search


May 19-20, 2017 marked the bi-annual board meeting of ER International, an integrated partnership of Human Resource consultants from across the globe.

ERI operates as recruiting association for cross-border projects for international clients to ensure a strong support in various countries around the world.
Through a strong network structure and cooperation between the partner firms of ERI, international clients can tap the know-how of all the consultants in its member firms to satisfy their recruiting needs worldwide.
As part of the network, Awara hosted the 2-day event in Moscow in hotel Radisson Royal Ukraina.
During the meeting we discussed future development of the association, shared our plans and goals, threats and opportunities that recruitment firms can face nowadays. Apart from the official board meeting and strategy meetings to improve internal communication and projects further, Awara organized a comprehensive leisure program for the ER International partners to experience Russian culture and cuisine.


ERI is a network of the world’s top executive recruiters and we are very proud to be a member of such a distinguished group. Recruitment overseas is a challenge that can be made a lot more effective with local assistance and knowledge. Our membership and very close involvement with ER International will enable overseas recruitment to work very seamlessly for our clients.

The countries that are members of ERI are: Ireland, Spain, Germany, Poland, France, India, China, Singapore, Tunisia, Russia, United Kingdom, Holland, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium.

ERI members meet twice a year to exchange ideas, share their expertise on local markets and collaborate with cross-border activities.
If you have requirements in any of our member countries, it would be our pleasure to make the introductions to the relevant consultants – many of which are award-winning recruiters in their own countries. 
Let us know if you need any help with recruitment abroad.